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- 2012 Billboard Music Awards - Lobby Dancer

- NBA Utah Jazz Commercial - Stunt Double

- Ellen Degeneres - Special Guest Performer

- So You Think You Can

Dance SE9 - Featured Dancer

- Cricket Wireless Commercial - Dancer

- Fox13 News – Dancer / Story

- Jordan Commons

Commercial – Dancer


- Blox “Dirty “ - Featured Dancer

- Jay Yung “Party Time” - Featured Dancer

- “Omarion Grandberry” Sandy Amphitheater Concert 2009 – Backup Dancer

- LMFAO Concert - Maverick Center 2012 – Floor Dancer

- Grand Forte - “Just Dance” – Dancer

- Emotcnz – “30 Min At The Bay” - Dancer

Ripping Runways Magazine

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Girl 9 Magazine

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Announcing The Official 2014 Ripping Runways Magazine Female Model Search and Fashion Talent Search Going On Now!

2014 Ripping Runways Modeling Magazine

Worldwide Female Model Search Contest 2014

Attention all beautiful aspiring runway models, fashion models, print models, bikini models, and lingerie models ages 18-35, here is an incredible opportunity for you to be seen by millions of people if you are serious about taking your modeling career to the next level.

Being featured in Ripping Runways Modeling Magazine could just be the high profile opportunity that takes your career to the next level.

This is your big chance to be a possible featured model in an upcoming 2014 issue of the internationally known Ripping Runways Modeling Magazine, if you have at least 12 or more professional high quality photos (that are no older than 9 months) of you posing in formal dress clothing, casual clothing, swimwear. or sexy lingerie.

Ask yourself, “Am I ready to take my modeling or entertainment career to the next level, and do I really have what it takes to compete in the fashion and entertainment industry?”

If your answer is YES!

then you do not want to procrastinate, because Ripping Runways Magazine receives 60-70 models promotion kits from new models worldwide each day, that are interested in being featured in this very popular internationally known online magazine that is dedicated to showcasing and featuring the hottest and most creative women in the fields of modeling, clothing and accessory designing, singing, rapping, hair styling, makeup artistry and photography worldwide.

Ripping Runways Magazine is auditioning for talented up and coming female models, talented male and female singers, talented male and female dancers with high quality videos, clothing designers with finished products, female actors, and female deejays or female radio hosts, to be featured in each issue of their spectacular online magazine and website that always has the fashion and entertainment world talking.

Each 2014 Issue of Ripping Runways Magazine promises to be absolutely unforgettable.

The Producers and talent scouts for this outstanding online magazine are on the lookout for a select collection of aspiring models, fashion models, print models, bikini models, and lingerie models to feature in each fabulous issue of Ripping Runways Magazine.

Models chosen will be given a once in a lifetime chance to be featured in Ripping Runways Magazine with a few celebrities and emerging female models from all over the world, This is your chance to gain huge exposure in the fashion and entertainment industry.

The time to take your modeling career to amazing new levels is here!

Submit yourself today for your shot to be feature in the next issue of Ripping Runways Magazine.

To apply for consideration as a feature model or talent, you will need to submit as many recent professional high quality photos as you like, but you must submit at least 12 or more of your hottest and most recent professional high quality photos ( that are no older than 9 months) with no logos or photo signatures.

We do not accept photos that are older than 9 months, we do not accept camera phone photos, we do not accept low quality photos, we do not accept photos with logos or photographer signatures, and we do not accept personal photos that are taken in your home, we do not accept photos that are collages or have effects added to them unless the effects are from a professional photo shoot, so please do not submit none of the above or your photos will not be considered for a feature in Ripping Runways Magazine.

Remember that your photos will be judged on photo shoot location, hair and make up styling, creativity in your posing in either formal clothing, casual clothing, and swim wear, or lingerie, but we recommend that if you have photos of you in formal clothing, casual clothing, and swim wear or lingerie, that you submit photos in them all because it will show your professionalism and diversity as a model in a variety of clothing.

Please submit your photos, bio and any video or video links, and promo kit to:

please click here for audition form

and also fill out an audition form on this website.

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